How can you help with business expansion / growth?

We make the biggest impact with companies and organisations that are looking to grow / expand. Our role is to combine strategy, experience, industry best practices and the most powerful global coaching methodologies to help businesses achieve that growth as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Do all businesses go on the same program?

While growth is a common objective, the way to reach that objective is different for each business, which is why our programs are highly tailored. We use the Kaizen system to identify gaps in the areas of People and Processes, and create a curated program that will work on improving operations, increasing profitability, and reinforce the team and leadership’s capabilities.

Who would I work with?

Our award-winning coaches and consultants specialise in different areas of business, and who you work with depends on the challenge areas you’re looking to address, and the goals you are looking to achieve.

What is my investment?

Our coaching packages work on a monthly retainer basis. The investment ranges from $850 - $2500 per month, depending on the frequency of sessions, the intensity with which you want to move forward, the areas you need to work on, and which team members the coach will be working with.

How do you measure results?

When we start working together we will first help you define the end result, as that will greatly impact the kind of strategies we implement and the results you can expect. We will then define specific metrics related to the objectives, and how those will be used to track and measure results.

What if I don’t get the desired results?

The Kaizen Guarantee states that once the outcomes have been agreed on, we will achieve those goals within the agreed timeframe. If not, we continue working, at no charge, until the goals have been hit.

How do I start?

Contact us through our website enquiry form, phone or email to book an initial call with one of our coaches. The first coaching session (also called the Insight Session) is always free of charge, so you’ll get a really good idea of what coaching is going to look like for you going forward.

What is an Insight Session?

The Insight Session is your chance to experience what an actual coaching session will be like with your coach. You will work on identifying challenges, prioritising what needs to be worked on, and getting clarity on how to execute.

What is business coaching?

Business Coaching is a partnership, with the aim to create measurable, sustainable change in your business.

How long is the business coaching program?

Our minimum term contract is 12 months, with an allowance to end the contract at any point after the initial 6 months. Great results take time to build, and although you will start seeing small wins quickly, it’ll take time to see significant, long-term results.

What if I want to cancel early?

We strongly recommend you allow the coaching program the time it needs to show results. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

What kind of results can I expect?

The clients we have worked with have seen tremendous results in the areas of Leadership, People, Finance, Operations and Technology. Here are some case studies to give you an idea of the results you can expect:

Keep in mind that your results are largely tied to the type of business, your long-term vision, and the current challenges.
Case Study 1:
Industry: Oil and gas (Value-added Services and Products)
Size: 300+ people, $150m revenue
Scope of work included:
• Coaching senior team (8 members of Leadership team, including COO, RVPs & territory GMs) to rise up to new challenges, set own business targets and achieve corporate goals
• One-year Strategy to streamline and reduce overall running cost of operations
• Multi-year strategy to increase focus in new markets
Outcomes so far:
• New Leadership team is stronger and more proactive than ever before. Targets every year are going up, and have been met every year. New territories are profitable in less-than-expected timeframe.
• Cost saving strategy was completed in 10 months, resulting in a saving of annual running costs of over $600,000
• New markets are being explored, with some prototypes created and other partnerships explored. Some of these are targeted to start generating revenue from mid-2019 onwards.
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Case Study 2:
Industry: Regional distributors for global brands
Size: 200+ staff, $200m revenue
Scope of work included:
Leadership coaching for senior team
• Standardization of operational processes, including reporting and management
• Building Accountability structures within the organization
Outcomes so far:
• CEO and COO less involved in operational issues, C-team more focused on strategic expansion and acquiring new distributorships
• Processes largely standardized, with uniform reporting across all offices, including pre-emptive alerts in case of upcoming challenges. This improvement alone has been credited with bringing a 50% increase in profitability (company went from 1.4% net margin to 4.2% net margin in 2 years)
• Internal coaching structures created, where senior team members hold each other accountable for promised results. Tremendous improvement in internal culture, leadership initiatives and delivery on company goals.
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Case Study 3:
Industry: Manufacturer (own brand) and distributor (global brand) of B2C consumables
Size: 90 people, $110m revenue
Scope of work included:
• Multi-year positioning strategy for a competitive landscape
• Creating new supply chains for quality, cost and branding improvements
• Preparing the organization for digital and technological upgrades
• Company growth curve sloping upwards (10% growth), after being mostly flat (2-4%) for 3 years
• Manufacturing business strengthened, new brands introduced, reliance on distributorship reduced - massive reduction of uncertainty in long-term business sustainability, and big increase in net profit
• ERP introduced, implemented, deployed across entire organization; reduction in inventory errors, increase in profitability, faster turnaround time on processes. In addition, leadership team is now aligned on ambitious growth, thinking in long-term initiatives, and driving a sense of ownership and growth through their teams.
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Will I get ROI?

Short answer: Absolutely, guaranteed.
Long answer: Yes, proportional to the effort you put in. We come in as an asset to your business, not a liability. You will achieve greater financial and non-financial results from the work we do together.

How long will it take to get ROI?

This largely depends on the industry and type of business. Our goal is to help you see ROI within the first 4 - 6 months.

Do you do one-off coaching?

One of the most powerful aspects of coaching is the accountability, and you wouldn’t get that with a one-off coaching agreement. If you’re looking for an intervention rather than a long-term commitment, we suggest you speak to us about the workshops and training courses that we run, instead.

What is the expertise/experience of your team?

Our award-winning expert team of coaches and consultants have worked with over 700 companies worldwide. Their experience ranges from working with large corporate entities, to successfully leading their own SMEs. Each and every coach on the team knows exactly what it takes to move a business forward.

How many coaches are there, and what do they specialise in?

There are six coaches on the Kaizen team, all specialising in different areas of the Kaizen System: Leadership and Culture, People and Performance, Finance and Growth, Operations and Scale, Technology and Innovation. You can read more about the individual coaches and their areas of expertise here.

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