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Kaizen Leadership Coaching

To create a culture that drives communication and inspires growth

Gain Clarity & Confidence

Curated short and long term goals

Reignite entrepreneurial spirit

Transform culture and practice

Inspire. Innovate. Incorporate

Imbibe a change-based culture

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Identifying ‘growth seeds’

Streamlining execution and expectations

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The Kaizen Approach

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Hear what our clients have to say

“Working with Murtaza over the last year, I have become much better at managing my time, supporting my team and achieving my goals. The demands on my attention and energy are continuous, but it has finally become manageable rather than "overwhelming".

My team is much more productive now and this has led to an increase in their level of accountability. I get to think out loud and discuss problems - all in a non-judgemental and open setting. I’m more of a leader, less of a manager than I was 12 months ago - and a lot less stressed because of it.”
CEO, Financial Firm
“I have used Murtaza as my Leadership Coach for just under a year. And in this time, I have achieved three major goals; one is that my operations run smoothly now which has given me more time to invest in the growth of the business. Second is that I have become significantly better at delegating and this has been game-changing for overall efficiency.

Third and perhaps most importantly, my leadership style has improved measurably. I have learnt that technical leadership is very different from team leadership, and many professionals, myself included, think we’re good at both. I found there were some gaps in the latter, and Murtaza helped me close those gaps smoothly and painlessly.”
SVP, Global Financial Firm, DIFC
Al Naboodah
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Managing Partner of Kaizen Dubai - Murtaza Manji
Murtaza Manji 
Kaizen’s team of experts have worked with 1050+ companies across 16 different industries worldwide to achieve higher profits, greater productivity, and sustainable growth by creating efficient systems and structure. Get in touch today to see how we can support you.