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Average Client Revenue Growth

Measured over period of coaching engagement

Leadership Effectiveness

Achievement of leadership development goals

New Jobs Created

Positions created as a result of business growth

Oil and Gas

Size: 300+ people, $150m revenue


  • Under-performing team, missed targets
  • Inefficiencies and lack of economies of scale
  • Operations-focused leadership team, not forward-looking

Scope of work

  • Senior team coached to set own business targets and achieve corporate goals
  • Multi-year Strategy launched to drastically reduce overall running cost of operations
  • Multi year strategy to increase revenue and share in new markets

Outcomes so far

  • New Leadership team is stronger than ever before. Targets every year are going up, and have been met every year. New territories are profitable in less-than-expected timeframe.
  • First, major, cost saving strategy was completed in 10 months, resulting in a saving of annual running costs of over $600,000
  • New markets have begun being explored, with some prototypes created and other partnerships explored. Some of these are targeted to start generating revenue from mid-2019 onwards.

Distributors for Global Brands

Size: 200+ staff, $200m revenue


  • Firefighting approach from top-down
  • Low profitability
  • Lack of ownership from senior team

Scope of work

  • Leadership coaching for senior team
  • Standardization of operational processes, including reporting and management
  • Building accountability structures within the organization

Outcomes so far

  • CEO and COO less involved in operational issues, C-team more focused on strategic expansion and acquiring new distributorships
  • Processes largely standardized, with uniform reporting across all offices, including pre-emptive alerts in case of upcoming challenges. (This improvement alone has been credited with bringing a 50% increase in profitability)
  • Internal coaching structures created, where senior team members hold each other accountable for promised results.

Manufacturer (own brand) and distributor (global brand) of B2C consumables

Size: 90 people, $110m revenue


  • Aggressive competitors, declining market share
  • Absence of plans, strategies and management metrics
  • Stagnation in profitability, performance and culture

Scope of work

  • Multi-year positioning strategy for a competitive landscape
  • Creating new - and improving existing - supply chains for quality, cost and branding improvements
  • Implementation of software for increased efficiency and lowered costs

Outcomes so far

  • Company growth curve sloping upwards(~10% growth), after being mostly flat (~2-4%) for 3 years
  • New brands introduced, reliance on distributorship reduced - massive reduction of uncertainty in long-term business sustainability
  • ERP introduced, implemented, deployed across entire organization; reduction in inventory errors, increase in profitability, faster turnaround time on processes

Our success stories

Murtaza gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. He listened, understood and helped me identify the challenges I was having and gave me the tools to support our fast growing business. He is an invaluable asset for any CEO or business owner as he helps you to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader and to build a strong team to support you.

Julie Leblan, CEO of MyList

I highly recommend working with Julia. The sessions have been absolutely brilliant, beating my expectations on every occasion. I have progressed in many areas of my life and feeling the benefits daily.

George Flooks, CEO Fitness First Middle East and North Africa

I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and our journey has been very rewarding. There is a magical element that takes place. Every time I meet him we go through the tasks that were set and you are actually able to see progress that you did not think you had made. As a business owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on the bigger picture, what Murtaza has enabled me to do is create a structured way to review my 90 day and weekly goals, and align those goals with my long-term vision for RSA Global.

Abhishek Shah, Managing Director of RSA Global

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