Ali has held leadership positions within large corporations and family-owned businesses. His coaching is based on a key distinction: the best employees do not necessarily make the best entrepreneurs. The skill set, mindset, and discipline required to excel as an entrepreneur are vastly different from those needed to be a great employee. Yet, many business owners attempt to apply the 'corporate' blueprint they learned in their previous careers to their small businesses. Ali admits he was guilty of this in his early entrepreneurial journey.
Ali has witnessed many professional service business owners become overburdened and time-poor, allowing their businesses to run them instead of the other way around.

As a partner with the Kaizen Consulting Group, Ali focuses on helping professional service companies utilize tools to change the trajectory of their businesses, enabling them to have a positive impact on the world.

Ali believes that your business:
  • Should positively impact your life
  • Should positively impact future generations
  • Should have the ability to change the world!

Ali works with entrepreneurs to help them develop new patterns and ways of working on their businesses to achieve significant results. Some of his clients' successes include double-digit growth within six months, expanding from single to multiple locations, and achieving record sales years while working fewer hours.

With experience in growing businesses in North America and Europe, and as a former Chartered Accountant, Ali is a coach who excels in using numbers to create successful businesses.

Who we've worked with

Sam Tech
Landmark Group
Falcon Eye Drones
The Health Bank
Al Naboodah
Top Chairs
Fitness First
Joie Brands
Arton Capital
Taylor Sterling
Eco coast
Unique Group
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