The Wheel of Leadership{tool-title}

Complete your Wheel of Leadership with Current and Ideal ratings.
Where 10 is Very High, and 1 is Very Low.
10/10 is: Having an Authentic Leadership Model that defines your Authentic Leadership style, and leading your team according to your ALM.
Communication Skills
10/10 is: Getting your message understood, by everyone, everytime. Having tough conversations without compromising your integrity.
Time Management
10/10 is: Planning your work, and working your plan. Not losing invaluable time on low ROI tasks, and avoiding time-traps (situations and people!).
10/10 is: Having 'Executive Presence'. Winning buy-in from the people around you, due to their unwavering trust in you and your abilities.
Self Confidence
10/10 is: Rising up to any challenge with the assurance in your abilities to solve it. Making your mark, and making your voice heard.
Effective Delegation
10/10 is: Empowering Direct Reports, with clear direction and deliverables, and holding them accountable for results.
Decision Making
10/10 is: A decision-making mental model, that encapsulates: opinions of others; facts; wider impact; action plan…and brings it all together quickly and efficiently.
Managing Conflict
10/10 is: Managing Conflict in a constructively, timely, and effective way. No playing favourites, and helping everyone grow from the experience.
Nurturing Leadership
10/10 is: Ongoing Identification, Support, and Coaching/Mentoring Direct Reports to become better Leaders. Giving opportunity and space to learn.
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