Whilst the Minnesota job market is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic unemployment levels are decreasing but they are not back to pre pandemic levels just yet. With unemployment relatively high you would thinking hiring the right talent for your business should be easy right?
Well not really! 
It is always a challenge for small businesses to compete against large companies when it comes to recruitment. Most small businesses just don’t have the time or internal resources to have a pipeline of talent and so they find themselves in a reactive state recruiting for positions that should have been filled yesterday. This can lead to rushed decisions that result in recruiting the wrong person and has long term costs! 
However recruiting for top talent is like marketing to new customers. Small businesses should focus on playing up their unique strengths. Promoting their company culture and perks, and offering the opportunity to make a direct impact on a company are all things small companies can offer that large companies don’t have the ability to do. Keep reading to learn how to implement these strategies and hire the best candidate for your position.

Offer the Opportunity to Make a Direct Impact

A major selling point for joining a small company over a big corporation is that top talent will have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. Top talent is drawn to companies that are innovative and where they can make a real difference. Make sure to use this selling point to your advantage. Talk about how candidates will have the opportunity to grow and learn more skills with your company as opposed to working for a large company and being boxed in. The nimble nature of a small business is very attractive for a certain group of top talent. 

Promote Company Culture and Perks

Another way, small businesses can attract top talent is to promote their company culture and perks. Even though you won’t be able to offer a fully stocked employee cafeteria or rooms for napping, you can still talk about your own perks. For example, maybe your company is great about work-life balance and offer flexible working or maybe you do regular team events. Company perks don’t have to be big and flashy as long as they are attractive to the type of employees you are trying to recruit.

Use a Range of sources

Using recruitment agencies is one way of recruiting. Other more cost effective options include, asking current employees to refer new people to the organization (if they are unwilling to do so, ask yourself why that might be), use social media to tell people why your organization would be a great place to work. You could also ask your customers to refer talent - if they like you they will sell your organization for you (it also tells your customers how well you are doing!). 
In a small business, every single hire is so critical that each new employee added has the potential to affect the bottom line. Make sure you hire the most suitable person for your company by promoting the unique benefits of working at your small business.

Bonus Tip:

If you attended the Minneapolis Small Business Expo - think about how you can use the AIDA model to attract talent. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the first part of the session here.

If you are currently recruiting and would like a free consultation on recruitment strategies just get in touch here.

About the author

Ali Moledina
Business Strategy Coach
Ali is a Business Strategy Coach specializing in helping professional service companies achieve measurable and sustainable growth. With a focus on enhancing productivity and scaling businesses to run effectively with less reliance on the owner, Ali provides actionable strategies for team management, operational excellence, and sales techniques.

Having transitioned from a corporate background to entrepreneurship, Ali understands the challenges and triumphs of running a business. He is committed to empowering business owners to navigate their challenges confidently and efficiently, fostering growth and success in their ventures

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