Your effectiveness as an entrepreneur is determined by not only what you do but also WHEN you do it too!

Experts have determined the best times of the day for high-intensity productivity. Your attention and mental ability is biologically programmed to rise and fall according to your circadian rhythm--the internal processor that regulates our daily sleep-wake cycle. When you wake up, your attention and mental ability will peak, trough, and rebound for approximately the next 16 hours.

The Peak (first 7 hours of your day):

During these first hours after waking up, it’s best to execute logical work. Do work similar to programming a computer, writing a legal brief, or taking a math test.
If you're a writer or content creator, do your research and editing during the peak hours. If you're a salesperson, write up your sales proposals at this time. If you're an educator, schedule science and math classes.

The trough (7 - 9 hours after waking up):

The trough is when your energy is at its lowest point. The best thing you can do during this time is avoid the most important work. Instead, work on smaller, clerical tasks or even take a nap if it’s a possibility. The most effective naps are between 10‐20 minutes (and no more). These are commonly called “power naps,” and they’re scientifically proven to increase mental alertness for three hours.
“Italian police officers who took naps immediately before their afternoon and evening shifts had 48 percent fewer traffic accidents than those who didn’t nap.” – Daniel Pink
Of course this small luxury isn’t always feasible. So if you can’t power up with a nap, take frequent breaks and execute your least important, most mundane work like running errands, sorting notes and checking emails.

Rebound (last 7 hours of the day):

During these hours, your energy will typically pick back up with less barriers in your thinking. This is an ideal time for executing creative work. Focus on generating new ideas, innovating existing ones, and designing projects. If you're a writer or content creator, do your creative writing during the rebound. If you're a salesperson, brainstorm ideas for your next presentation. If you're an educator, schedule art and design classes during this time.

Something to Note

This timeline is true for 75% of the population, so this work cycle will likely work well for you. However, for the other 25%, the rebound and peak work times are reversed. The rebound is typically during the first 7 hours while the peak occurs during the last 7 hours. Experiment with this and see which method works best for you.

As an entrepreneur, you are the leader of your business. You get to choose your schedule, so take the time to discover how you can get the most results from it. Set yourself up for success by focusing on the right tasks at the right time.

My clients typically increase their productivity by 20% by focusing on their time management skills. If you’d like to know more about how to make the most from your time, feel free to contact me.

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