So I have a challenge for all of you…I challenge you to type the following message onto your social media pages:
“I am looking for a new client. Message me if you are interested”.
None of you in your right mind would do that. It goes against what every marketing book, guru and school has taught us. It is vague, It sounds desperate and it does not speak to your ideal client. Most people are just going to scroll past that.

However, there are so many social media posts which read:
“We are hiring, job details below. message me if you're interested.”
You are very unlikely to get results from this, particularly in today's market! More businesses today are struggling to find the right employees to service their customers. In fact, many businesses have too many customers and don't have enough team members to fulfill that demand.

So if you are recruiting, treat the recruitment process like marketing to prospective clients.
  1. You need to think about who your ideal team member is.
  2. You need to brand yourself as a high quality employer,
  3. Make the job appealing to the ideal team member.
If you do all of three things, I am confident that you're going to have much better results in your recruitment process in today's talent driven economy.

Ali Moledina

About the author

Ali Moledina
Business Strategy Coach
Ali is a Business Strategy Coach specializing in helping professional service companies achieve measurable and sustainable growth. With a focus on enhancing productivity and scaling businesses to run effectively with less reliance on the owner, Ali provides actionable strategies for team management, operational excellence, and sales techniques.

Having transitioned from a corporate background to entrepreneurship, Ali understands the challenges and triumphs of running a business. He is committed to empowering business owners to navigate their challenges confidently and efficiently, fostering growth and success in their ventures

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